The Table Edit: Welcoming November

The Table Edit

November 3, 2022

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What I’m eating, loving, inspired by, and swooning over this week—————————————————————

01. Eating //

Here is the season for hearty pastas, warming stews, and cozy home cooking. As cooler temps reach us, so does my desire to settle in to home and fully embrace seasonal autumnal recipes. I’m excited to return to a recipe that truly marks the start of the Holiday season for me — Athena Calderone’s beef bourguignon. We’re also going to dinner with friends at Kimball House tonight; its dim lighting, dark leather booths, and creative dishes always feel special and festive to me. Also on the menu for this weekend is this agrodulce roast chicken. Anything that involves fennel and castelvetrano olives is an automatic yes for me.

Kimball House in Decatur GA Atlanta oysters
stunning Kimball House 🥰

02. Loving //

After selling our old table and being table-less for about six weeks, our new dining table arrived and we couldn’t be happier with it. Our previous table was a bit smaller, and just didn’t go well with the way our style has taken shape in our townhome. Super thankful I was able to sell it for a great price and get my black wood dream table! I’m already loving the bold, moody vibe it brings.

lulu and georgia nera black dining table
table // chairs

03. Inspired By //

The mark of a good weekend is one where you go through an entire bottle of olive oil. I recently put my gorgeous bottles of Branche olive oil to work, creating everything from salad dressing, to lemon aioli, garnish for roast chicken, and oil-drizzled focaccia pizza. I was originally drawn to Branche by their stunning packaging and brand imagery. But the quality and flavor of this olive oil quickly matched their aesthetic. So happy to have this as a staple in my kitchen!

branche spanish olive oil
image from Branche

04. Swooning Over //

I’ve followed the work of NYC-based interior stylist Colin King for awhile now, so I was 👀 when his collection of beautiful objects for Menu was recently released. Colin has a background of a trained dancer, and I love how these objects reflect the delicate movement of dance while also being modern and simplistic. Definitely eyeing a few pieces for my Christmas list this year — especially this show stopper.

image from Menu

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